How to Build A Legacy

by | August 4, 2018

What do you envision when you think of legacy? What defines it? Is it success, power, money, or is it something else?

I believe that greatness is within all of us and that each of us is here for a reason. Some call it purpose, but I call it our truth. From interactions with others to our deep, personal interactions with the world, everyone of us has been exposed to millions of unique stimuli. Also, consider that no two people have been exposed to the exact same rhythms of life, which means every person’s path is invaluable and unique. Every person is truly one of one.

Fuck Snowflakes

So, what do you do with that knowledge? Most would have you think you’re a snowflake, but snowflakes are weak and fragile. They blow wherever the wind takes them and follow those around them. The truth is: YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL (yet). Do you have a unique perspective? Yes, but what have you done with it?

Legends are forged by action and acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowing makes you a fool. Innovation comes from those who pave a new path and see the world a little differently. Their legacies are built from a foundation of discipline, innovation, adaptability, and pure fucking grit.

You don’t get the Jordan’s, Belichick’s, and Bezoses of the world from the belief that we’re special. You get it from a relentless hunger for growth, the tenacity to be the best, and the ability to use your fears and failures as fuel for attacking your truth. To be different, you must think different! While everyone is following the flow, what are you doing to break it?

Embrace the Process

Having a great idea is only the first step, but the weight of the matter is all in the execution. Embrace the process! Learn what helps you grow and know what makes you stagnate. The path is not straight and flat, but filled with obstacles, bends, heights, and valleys. The key is that you continue to walk it and adjust as you go.

Expect to make mistakes, but correct once you identify them. There is no GOAT that has not made mistakes or been met with failures. We’d like to believe and idealize that the course was set and the winds were perfect, but for all the great masters of their craft it was all but easy. The sooner we shed these ideals, the clearer our vision will be moving forward. Every slap in the face, every false hope is just reality reminding us that greatness isn’t easy and that shit happens. Sometimes the greatest failures are as good as gold. The lessons we find at the core of our mistakes lead us to maneuver the pitfalls of the present.

Asking for Success

There is no one way to become legendary. If you want to build a legacy, you must first find your purpose. If we live without a purpose we are doomed to be sheep amongst the flock. To figure out your purpose, use these questions as pick axes to find your truth:

  1. What were you good at as a child? Was there any one thing you did better at than everyone else?
  2. What did you want to be when you were a kid? Why did you want to be that?
  3. What skills do you have? Is there anything you are exceptionally good at?
  4. What tasks do you seek out that others often stray away from?
  5. What would you friends say you are great at? Family? Coworkers?
  6. What assets might you have right now that you’ve overlooked? How could you use them better?
  7. What have been you’re biggest struggles? How did you overcome them? How would you do it differently knowing what you know now?
  8. What pisses you off?

You exist for a reason.

You’re greater than what you see.

Have faith, live well, and lean into every second. Legacy is on the horizon.


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