Happiness In 10 Seconds

by | December 2, 2017

One of life’s biggest questions worth seeking is: “How can I achieve complete happiness?”

Happiness is such a general term and it’s loose application can be mistakenly attributed to the wrong things. For example, having more money is often cited as something that would make someone happy, yet there are a significant number of examples that show the contrary.

Happiness often comes down to a mindset – the ability to appreciate and feel gratitude. You cannot feel angry when you are grateful, for it is impossible to feel the two simultaneously.

So, it would seem that if you find yourself frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed you can neutralize that negative thought process by putting in some gratitude reps.

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your happiness, all I ask is that you take 10 seconds out of your day. That’s it. One simple exercise, 10 seconds, everyday.

Here’s what you do: think about someone who is special in your life. Feel grateful for them and wish for them to be happy. Then think of a second person, and repeat.

Though extremely simple and costs nothing but a short moment of time, it can do wonders for your mood. By simply ‘gifting’ happiness to others quietly to yourself, you’ll experience the benefits of gratitude and be more attuned to the positive happenings throughout your day.

Remember, happiness is a habit: the more consistent you practice it; the more you’ll benefit from it.


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