4 Ways to Building A Better Butt

by | July 8, 2018

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When it comes to getting a stronger, well-rounded butt, we all want one. I don’t care, male or female, no one likes a flat ass. The problem with having a straight shot from your shoulders to your ankles is that it’s more complicated than ‘don’t skip leg day.’

Although a better booty may increase your Instagram following, it also (and more importantly) helps improve your posture, reduces your risk for lower back injuries, and can increase your strength, balance, and explosiveness.

The basis of most articles is simply frequency. More squats + more lunges = bigger, better butt. While this typical response might work for some, it’s not a great catch-all for those struggling to ‘build dat back.’ Here are 4 ways you can start building your backside and filling in those jeans properly:

#1 Eating For Results

First things first: you have to eat right for your success. Skipping meals and eating less isn’t how you grow. If you need to build it, feed it. Protein is muscles basic building block and biggest booty contributor. Training alone isn’t enough. That’s great if you can break down the muscle, but you have to build it back up.

How much protein should you be getting after a workout? You can check it out here.

#2 You Gotta Squeeze

I constantly preach about muscle activation and your glute growth is no different. No matter the movement, you have to squeeze the hell out of the muscle. With glute exercises (i.e. squats, glute bridges, single leg presses, etc.), you have to actively engage the muscle. For instance, at the top of a squat, drive the hips forward and squeeze your butt cheeks together as if you were trying to crush a penny between them. Hold and squeeze for at least 2 seconds.

#3 Change Directions

Most of us move forward, sometimes backwards, and rarely side-to-side. Varying up the direction of your butt building movements is essential to a well rounded backside. Instead of stepping forward for lunges, try stepping backwards or laterally to hit the smaller muscles in the glutes. Want to mix up some traditional movements? Next time you hit a squat or leg press, widen up your stance or try sumo-style.

#4 Suck it up, Buttercup!

If you’re training your glutes properly, prepare to be humbled! Embrace the suck and prepare to hate stairs. Great training comes with attacking your weak points and forfeiting your ego for growth and improvement. Doing the Jane Fonda might not be the most masculine thing, but it brings results. The power and strength needed for the biggest bang-for-your-buck movements require a healthy and strong posterior.

Don’t let the vision of you bun crushing and hip thrusting keep you from the backside you deserve. Get to work!


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